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May Bukas Pa Ending

may_bukas_paOne of ABS-CBN’s prime time TV series May Bukas Pa is said to be ending today. The said show received several awards for providing inspiration and promoting good values. The show was beefed up with guest appearances of local showbiz’s big stars. The show is about a little boy who gets to talk to Jesus and refers to Him as Bro. The child was able to heal sick people and perform other miracles, most of which were taken from the Bible.

I am not really into watching local TV series, I feel that they are too predictable and at times totally far fetched. I only get to watch this one because our new helper is a big fan. The show is said to be ending today. Apparently, rumors have it that the little boy is going to die in the end the series. As of the episode yesterday, the child is in the hospital due to an accident and is 50-50. If its true that they will have the child die as the ending episode, I say that the writers really did not do their job well in terms of research. If the child dies, then that goes against exactly what the Bible says about why God died for us. According to John 10:10 The thief’s purpose is to kill, steal and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life (New Living Translation). So if the ending of the story will be the death of the main character, then that is certainly not inspirational! Seriously, how then does it become Biblical and inspirational?

I am seriously appalled when people say that a person died because God decided to already take him/her away because he/she is a good person. Absolutely absurd! There are so many passages in the Bible that says a righteous person will live at a ripe old age, that they will live to enjoy their grand children (Job 21:8, Psalm 128:6, Job 5:26). People like to say that all the time just to comfort themselves. But if a person truly has a genuine and fruitful relationship with God, then that person will not die at an early age and will not die a tragic death. I’m talking about our time now since we are living in the time of grace, the people who died tragic deaths in the Bible lived in a time of martyrdom. But at this time no one who has a truly fruitful relationship with the Lord will not die that kind of death. Tribulation and martyrdom is not yet at hand. So if the writers of the show decided to kill the lead character in the final episode, then they are sending a totally alarming message.

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5 Responses to “May Bukas Pa Ending”

  1. joei says:

    i think he’s going to die because of all the ads showing the ‘big stars’ of ABS praying and crying in church while all dressed in white.. UNLESS they pull the ‘ill-die-but-go-back-to-life-again-so-everyone’s-happy’ card like what they did in this kimerald teleserye. forgot which one.

    ? joei

  2. urot says:

    This drama seems to be portraying the life of Jesus Christ sacrifices for everyone. But i think the twist is that Santino will live. Additional info on the ending here:


  3. AlxJM.com says:

    I predicted it right. hehehe. Santino came back to life

  4. Gracie says:

    I’ve seen the ending and I was really crying when I seen Santino’s lifeless body. I was so touched with the song and it really made me cry that as if I was there. I also like the message about hope at the end. Life is indeed so full of miracle and hope should always be there. Happy weekend sis!

  5. eRLyN says:

    i’m glad they ended the show that way, otherwise, it’s really alarming.

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