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CCME Homemadefoodstuff.com: Good food for Good times

Last Saturday, I decided to surprise my husband by inviting some of his friends over for lunch. Since I had a pretty rough week then, instead of doing all the cooking, I decided to just order food so I won’t have to worry about all the marketing and the cooking. And with that I thought I decided to call CCME. I first had a taste of their good food through my college friend Geri when she ordered the food from the said catering company during one of their family parties. My husband, who is particularly hard to impress when it comes to food, was sold! Then when we went to another family friend, we got our second chance to taste their food and my husband and I both agree that they’re pretty consistent when it comes to the taste of their food.

So last Saturday, I waited excitedly for our food to arrive before 10:30AM, and boy were they prompt. I ordered their Merienda Grande meal, which has chicken barbeque. Around 8AM I got a call from them explaining that they made a mistake and cooked chicken and peas instead. I said that’s okay and they were very much apologetic. When their delivery guy arrived, they sent us a plate of puto to apologize for the mishaps. Apparently, it turned out for the better considering that we all enjoyed the chicken and peas. The only thing that I think they could improve on is the texture of the baked macaroni, we all find it too dry. Other than that it was all good for us. We’ll be ordering again for this coming Saturday for my dad’s birthday. :)

If you’re interested in ordering contact them through:

Email: info@homemadefoodstuff.com
Phone No.s: 928-2765, 929-9598, 926-6031, 926-6029; 410-7228, 410-4521
Fax No.: 415-3841
Cellphone: 0921-9646220 ; 0920-4615445; 0906-3562274
Address: 111 Dr. Lazcano St., Q.C. near cor. T. Morato, JBJ’s Burger Joint, Maybank & Bank of Commerce
Homepage: www.homemadefoodstuff.com

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2 Responses to “CCME Homemadefoodstuff.com: Good food for Good times”

  1. Badet says:

    I might try this too, thank God for food delivery!

  2. Roes Morgan says:

    hello all …
    looks delicious!
    hi ya …
    tu cool info ..
    yes success ..

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