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House Make Over

Our house is a bungalow 2 bedroom house with 2 toilet and bath, a typical choice for starting families. We’re actually renting the place from a relative. Yesterday, I saw a friend’s house through her Facebook albums and it was just really inspiring how she transformed their house into a really cozy abode from a simple bungalow house. Then, I thought of suddenly embarking on a house makeover project. I guess not this year, but perhaps next year. We have to finish up paying all our liabilities for now and start building our savings. There are a lot of things that I wanted to design, like a contemporary sofa, a book shelf, side tables, kitchen cabinet and so the list goes on. That is why it would be wise to put it off for now, and better break it down to smaller, achievable plans. Dang, I’m still talking about SMART goals even if I’m talking about things to do at home. Anyway, for now, I’ll just have to do with reading through back issues of Real Living magazines.

image taken from topazhorizon.com

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