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Whenever you tell a cabbie that you’re headed to Imelda Avenue in Cainta, their usual landmark is Good Life (a sauna, and you pretty much know what that means) as well as the E-Games online casino. For a long time, I’ve been wondering why a structure that kinda looks like a 2-storey internet cafe, comes with a parking lot is often packed with SUVs and other high end cars. When I finally got the courage to ask one of the ladies manning the snack bar outside the said place, she told me that the place is an online casino. And it was only then that the high end cars started to make sense to me. It seems that people are trying to keep up with the times, with the digital age definitely being upon us, online sports betting should not be a surprise.

The place gets really packed during pay days, which also makes sense because people have more money by then. But more than that, I gather that it also becomes crowded during times when there are boxing matches of Manny Pacquiao and perhaps even sports betting championship matches.

Since the city government of Cainta has issued the necessary operating permit to the said place, I trust and believe that they are strictly enforcing a no minor policy in the said place.

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  1. Henry says:

    Hello! Checking all my blogroll friends. Merry Merry Christmas po, dumaan lang ako.

  2. bluerlyn says:

    Henry, thank you for your visits. I promise I’ll return them and merry christmas too friend. :)

  3. haters says:

    hi to all. ano # jan sa egames along imelda.?

  4. bluerlyn says:

    i’m sorry i don’t have it po

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