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I saw the movie The Shunning a few days ago, thanks to YouTube. :) It’s a Hallmark Channel movie and I found out about the movie via Twitter. The sequel of the movie will be released next year and it stars Katie Leclerc, who of course is one of the lead in ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. She will be playing the role of Katie Lapp, replacing Danielle Panabaker who previously played that part. Although, I would have to say that it would have been great if they still have Danielle to play the part, but since I’m a big Katie Leclerc fan, I am so not complaining.

The movie is about a 20 year old girl who was about to wed an Amish bishop (who’s first wife died 2 years prior), when she found out the truth about herself. She was given away by her biological mother to the Amish couple who raised her up as their daughter. As an added twist on the story, she is not very keen in marrying the bishop because her heart belongs to her childhood sweetheart who was said to have been drowned. Her childhood sweetheart Daniel shares her love for music and they secretly sing English songs together, back in the days of their early adolescent years. English songs are said to be forbidden and the songs in the Amish hymn book are the only ones they could sing. That was the song that she was singing.

Great song and a good movie. Can’t wait for the next movie. :)

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