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Wala ka na bang load? Kulang ang allowance mo this week? Kapos ba ang pang date mo sa monthsary niyo ni Babe?  Sali na sa “SURF.CLICK.WIN” Over 100 winners weekly! Mag-Surf, Click And Win ka na! Read more…

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Surprised by OxfordSurprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Surprised by Oxford is a truly wonderful read. Mrs. Weber, then Ms. Drake during the time of her conversion to Christ, chronicled how her intellectual journey in Oxford, became all the more interesting when it lead her to question the deeper purpose of her existence. As most people with good intentions, she and her family were under the impression that being a good person – not committing any crime and striving to have a good life, in their case, in a very intellectual sense – make them Christians. But Caro, despite her initial misgivings and hesitation, after months of musings and contemplation, made a decision that changed her life forever. Despite possible persecution and criticisms, she decided to embrace the truth about the God she could not fully understand (something highly intellectual people could not wrap their brain on). Read more…

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I haven’t updated my blog, both this one and my mommy blog on my son’s progress. As of late, his favorite song is the Alphabet song and he sometimes Read more…

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The much awaited third and final leg of episodes of Switched at Birth’s first season is scheduled to come out on September 3rd. Apparently, there are new characters coming in, making this hit TV show even more interesting. In the premiere episode, the Vaskennishes have already spent a whole summer without us, so this coming new season will be the start of a new school year. As the teasers showed us, Bay definitely ditched Emmett for another guy, who apparently was told by Bay that Regina is her aunt and that Daphne is her sister. Also, Daphne’s restaurant job will be even more exciting than all the new dishes she will learn, as it seems the hot resident chef will later on be infatuated with Ms. Vasquez.

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In light with the recent flooding that affected almost 70% of Metro Manila and several other provinces near Manila, I’m actually thinking of having a second floor. And since building a second floor entirely from scratch with hollow blocks and concrete 1s down right expensive, Read more…

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Last Monday night, while most of the Metro Manila population, the rain poured continuously. I woke up at around 2AM of Tuesday and saw our neighbors (in front of us) taking each of their cars out. The husband is working and tuned in to a live streaming news of an AM radio. News has it that there will be heavy rains for the coming days and that the water level in the Marikina river is rising alarmingly fast. There was already flooding in front of our house. It was already 3AM when husband decided to go to the nearest SOGO motel to get a room. By 4AM he already got a room and went back to pick me and our little boy. After safely tucking us at our room, he went back to our house to help clean up and try to put some stuff on higher ground.

That afternoon hubby came back, was actually forced to go back by my mother. My mom insisted that I might need help handling the little boy, which is far from true as he was having so much fun being reunited with his laptop (we hid it). But mom forced him to go anyway, as my mom and I had a fight that morning.

Anyway, going back to the flood, we once again had to really evacuate the house. The water reached ankle level inside the house. I’m grateful that it did not create as much damage as the last time. Although of course the trauma has just been reinforced.

Basically we had to stay in the motel for 3 nights and 4 days, and on top of that, had to have an exchange of ill-tempered words. Hubby had to endure that from me and his folks, and I had to endure that as well from my mom. Bottom line is, all is well with money, and without it comes chaos. Poverty complicates things. Yes, my mind is racing at perhaps a hundred miles per hour, due to realizations brought about by recent events. Don’t ask me to explain because things are just too raw and painful right now. Here are some pics of the memorable flood.

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image credits: solartv.ph


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I’ve been very active when it comes to reading these past few months. I did set a target of Read more…

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Viki Partners with Microsoft to Bring Premium Video Content to New Audiences in Southeast Asia

Co-branded entertainment sites to bring community-translated

TV shows, movies, music and news to MSN audiences in

Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines

PHILIPPINES –August 3, 2012—Viki, a global TV site powered by fans, today announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring premium TV content to MSN sites in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Viki will localize and stream the premium content that includes television shows, movies, and music videos to 17.6 million* MSN users. Read more…

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