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In light with the recent flooding that affected almost 70% of Metro Manila and several other provinces near Manila, I’m actually thinking of having a second floor. And since building a second floor entirely from scratch with hollow blocks and concrete 1s down right expensive, I’m actually thinking of checking out the costs on using same materials used in diy steel buildings and prefabricated steel homes. Prefabricated houses is not yet that popular here in the Philippines, but I think that eventually it will be, considering the purchasing power of the Philippine Peso, the cost of living and many other things restraining a average Juan Dela Cruz in building his dream home the traditional way. Going for prefabricated homes doesn’t mean you’re cutting corners, in fact, I think it is a service to the environment considering that you are in a way, recycling.

Well, for now I’m checking out the costs. Still undecided on whether to move or stay.

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