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In light with the recent flooding that affected almost 70% of Metro Manila and several other provinces near Manila, I’m actually thinking of having a second floor. And since building a second floor entirely from scratch with hollow blocks and concrete 1s down right expensive, Read more…

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Someone’s gotta do it and yeah those menial household tasks normally had to be done by no less than the mommy. And yes, those are exactly what kept me from blogging these past few days. Here are some: Read more…

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We need to retire our faithful wood sofa real soon. I wanted to customize our next sofa set, thinking about all those house make over shows and do-it-yourself carpentry projects I’ve watched in the past makes me feel so inspired to create some artsy and fancy concept for a new sofa. Way back in college, I have this dream of a Victorian living room set but instead of an elaborate patterned fabric with flowers and embroidery, I wanted mine to be made up of patches of old denim jeans for a modern feel. Now here are some cute stuff I saw online that’s really inspiring.

image credits: todaysweethome.blogspot.com

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Last night I was so consumed with reading possible new hobbies that I could try my hands on, both as a means of art venture and eventually wanting to turn it into a small manufacturing business. I slept past my bed time since I was so engrossed reading about beaded jewelry making (already tried it in the past and liked it), baking (too many people doing it) and doing other crafts like knitting and crochet (done it in the past) among other things. There are two things that came to mind, one would be reviving my jewelry making venture.

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For beaded jewelry making, I’ll have buy new tools as my old ones are all rusty, literally, all because of the flooding brought about by Typhoon Ketsana back in 2009. A little investment on the beads, wires and of course some magazines for patterns. I’m thinking of signing up for an advanced wiring class but I think with a little research and right keywords, I could easily get youtube videos for simple tutorials on that. So that’s one.┬á Read more…

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I recently received an invitation for a free livelihood training somewhere in Cubao. I saw this ad in sulit.com and phoned in to inquire. Read more…

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Philips HR2027 Blender

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Early this year, I decided to replace our old blender that got busted after our household help tried to use it to grind ice! After much thinking and consideration, I ended up getting the Philips HR2027. I find it rather expensive, but the main selling point for me is the filter. But before I get carried away, let me give you the reasons in bullet points why I think this is a good buy. Read more…

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Home Projects

We’re embarking on a project of renovating the house this year. First part of the project is the roofing. It’s summer time and it’s the perfect time to fix the roof so it’ll be ready for the rainy days. 4 years ago we had people, well okay, neighbors, who built their houses on the left and right side of our house and since the house is only one storey high, they stepped on our roofs while they were constructing their houses. And of course when the rainy season came in, some parts of the roof started to leak. Well, don’t get me started anymore on how I had to talk to them about sharing the expense in having it fixed. I swear it wasn’t easy.

Well, going back to the plan, we’re also thinking of having the house checked for termites. Next to that, we wanted to get a stainless undermount sink. And finally build a home office. Although how we’ll manage to finish all that this year is beyond me. We aim to finish at least two. And hopefully before the year ends the other projects have been started as well.


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House Repairs

Aside from rest and recreation, weekend also spells out house repairs. This is especially true if there is a need to hire someone to work on the repairs. We are unable to do so during weekdays as we are out for work and it is only during the weekends that we are able to watch over the hired help work over the repairs. Fortunately, we only had to work on the leaky bathroom faucet this week, which my husband can work on, saves us money! :) Which reminds me that I have to have the roof repainted this summer. Oh well, that’ll have to wait I guess.

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Housewife Essentials

Back in the time when I took a leave from the corporate life and stayed at home to be a full-time mom and house wife, I learned that there are things a home-maker can’t just live without. Here are just a few:

  • Non-stick pans – Being married to someone who likes fried food, I cannot imagine life without Teflon-coated pans. It certainly makes cleaning up a breeze. Saves you a lot on the dish washing paste too!
  • Washing machine and dryer – Thank God for washing machines! Given that I’m very particular when it comes to our clothes, especially our whites, after spinning the clothes on the laundry machine, I do another round of hand washing. Yes! I’m that OC when it comes to our clothes. So you could just imagine how tedious it would have been for me if we don’t have a washing machine and dryer. Add to that the fact that my husband is 6 fee tall and loves wearing denims.
  • Vacuum cleaner – If you have pets in the house, this will really save you a lot of time. Whether your floor is carpeted or not, this would really come in handy if you have dogs or cats in the house. If you have wall to wall carpeting, it will be great to have a steam cleaner as well, a good brand of choice is the Ladybug steam cleaner.
  • Microwave Oven – You can thaw meat from the freezer, you can make pop corns and even make cakes (thanks to Betty Crocker for microwave oven mixes) and of course re-heat food in the microwave.
  • Electric Kettle – This is a basic necessity if you have babies. Well of course, next to that would be a bottle warmer if you have a kiddo.

Well, those are the items on my list. Feel free to comment and share what items you cannot live without as a home maker. :)

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House Make Over

Our house is a bungalow 2 bedroom house with 2 toilet and bath, a typical choice for starting families. We’re actually renting the place from a relative. Yesterday, I saw a friend’s house through her Facebook albums and it was just really inspiring how she transformed their house into a really cozy abode from a simple bungalow house. Then, I thought of suddenly embarking on a house makeover project. I guess not this year, but perhaps next year. We have to finish up paying all our liabilities for now and start building our savings. There are a lot of things that I wanted to design, like a contemporary sofa, a book shelf, side tables, kitchen cabinet and so the list goes on. That is why it would be wise to put it off for now, and better break it down to smaller, achievable plans. Dang, I’m still talking about SMART goals even if I’m talking about things to do at home. Anyway, for now, I’ll just have to do with reading through back issues of Real Living magazines.

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