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In light with the recent flooding that affected almost 70% of Metro Manila and several other provinces near Manila, I’m actually thinking of having a second floor. And since building a second floor entirely from scratch with hollow blocks and concrete 1s down right expensive, Read more…

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I love being in the water and for as long as I can remember, I know I’ve always loved swimming, whether its in a beach or a pool. In fact thinking about it, I must have been a dolphin or a Labrador in my past life. I wish we could afford to remodel the house and one of the projects that I have in mind is having a claw tub.

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We need to retire our faithful wood sofa real soon. I wanted to customize our next sofa set, thinking about all those house make over shows and do-it-yourself carpentry projects I’ve watched in the past makes me feel so inspired to create some artsy and fancy concept for a new sofa. Way back in college, I have this dream of a Victorian living room set but instead of an elaborate patterned fabric with flowers and embroidery, I wanted mine to be made up of patches of old denim jeans for a modern feel. Now here are some cute stuff I saw online that’s really inspiring.

image credits: todaysweethome.blogspot.com

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Home Projects

We’re embarking on a project of renovating the house this year. First part of the project is the roofing. It’s summer time and it’s the perfect time to fix the roof so it’ll be ready for the rainy days. 4 years ago we had people, well okay, neighbors, who built their houses on the left and right side of our house and since the house is only one storey high, they stepped on our roofs while they were constructing their houses. And of course when the rainy season came in, some parts of the roof started to leak. Well, don’t get me started anymore on how I had to talk to them about sharing the expense in having it fixed. I swear it wasn’t easy.

Well, going back to the plan, we’re also thinking of having the house checked for termites. Next to that, we wanted to get a stainless undermount sink. And finally build a home office. Although how we’ll manage to finish all that this year is beyond me. We aim to finish at least two. And hopefully before the year ends the other projects have been started as well.


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House Repairs

Aside from rest and recreation, weekend also spells out house repairs. This is especially true if there is a need to hire someone to work on the repairs. We are unable to do so during weekdays as we are out for work and it is only during the weekends that we are able to watch over the hired help work over the repairs. Fortunately, we only had to work on the leaky bathroom faucet this week, which my husband can work on, saves us money! :) Which reminds me that I have to have the roof repainted this summer. Oh well, that’ll have to wait I guess.

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House Make Over

Our house is a bungalow 2 bedroom house with 2 toilet and bath, a typical choice for starting families. We’re actually renting the place from a relative. Yesterday, I saw a friend’s house through her Facebook albums and it was just really inspiring how she transformed their house into a really cozy abode from a simple bungalow house. Then, I thought of suddenly embarking on a house makeover project. I guess not this year, but perhaps next year. We have to finish up paying all our liabilities for now and start building our savings. There are a lot of things that I wanted to design, like a contemporary sofa, a book shelf, side tables, kitchen cabinet and so the list goes on. That is why it would be wise to put it off for now, and better break it down to smaller, achievable plans. Dang, I’m still talking about SMART goals even if I’m talking about things to do at home. Anyway, for now, I’ll just have to do with reading through back issues of Real Living magazines.

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Window Shopping

I work right in the center of Cubao, and my office is situated between two malls and one huge grocery store that also markets furniture and different appliances. And so yes, window shopping is absolutely inevitable. One thing that I haven’t had the chance to cross out my wish list is a gas range. I wanted to learn how to bake and so I’ve been trying to check out different brands of gas range. La Germania and Elba are the most expensive and also most functional and durable brands out in the market. And between the two I’m gravitating towards getting an Elba gas range. Although, the specific model that I want comes with a very pricey tag price. It’s so posh, it looks like the kind that you’d see along rich people’s kitchen, with equally posh granite counter tops and smooth and functional kitchen sinks. Oh well, may be next year…. Until then, I’ll have to contend myself with window shopping.

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Ganzklar LED TV

If you guessed that we finally bought a TV, you’re absolutely right. The husband was giving me the puppy eyes while looking at our old tv set, when his ps3 games are not playing in colored. So about 2 weeks ago, prior to going to church we decided to look around and check out the deals of electronic stores. Lo and behold! We found one that is absolutely a good deal. Since we’ll be using it inside our bedroom, we decided to go for something not more than 30inches. We bought a Ganzklar 24inches LED TV, the husband is absolutely ecstatic! Since the price is really good for a LED TV, no freebies were offered despite that we were paying for it cash. But it was a sweet deal really, it comes with 2 usb drives and is capable of full HD, something I cannot describe. I’ll ask the husband to blog about it in detail though. Everything is good, the only thing we don’t like is the sounds, good thing we can always opt to get an Altec Lansing pair of speakers to go with it. Oh and if you have reservations about the brand, like we were initially, well don’t worry because it’s made in Germany. :)

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BLIMS furniture store is holding a mid-year sale. The said is known to sell upscale furnitures both for home and office use. My place of work is right across their store in QC area. There are bed frames, center tables, cabinets, office tables and modern sofas at the lobby where they placed their marked down items. The sale period is up to August 31st and the marked down items can have discounts as high as 70% off.  I was told by the office lady guard that she saw Donita Rose sometime last week shopping for some items. Last year, it was Korina Sanchez who bought from the said store.

Well, I’m holding off on spending right now. May be some other time I will buy there too. :)

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Grand celebration marks Avida Towers Global City launch

Aside from a beautiful wedding which every couple is entitled to have, one of the basic things that a couple would have to save up for is a home. Ideally, before starting a family, it is best to have a home to call your own. No one would like to live for the rest of their lives in a rented home, where the rent goes up every so often and when you are restricted in terms of making modifications on the house. On top of that, once a couple have kids, there would be a long list of things to pay for and save up for. So it is really ideal to have a home immediately after marriage.

Some of the basic things you need to consider when choosing where to live would be the location. It is best to live within a stone’s throw away from good hospitals, good schools, malls and of course, your place of work. Living in a home situated right in the middle of all these things truly spells out a good work-life balance. It is the same notion that Avida, an Ayala company, has in mind when they came up with their Avida Towers project in the Fort Global City.


Avida Land Corp. recently marked another milestone with the launch of Avida Towers Global City, its first foray into one of the country’s most sought after addresses.

The Avida Towers Global City 2-bedroom model unit.

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