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Last Saturday on my home from a lengthy commute from the south to our abode in the East, I dropped by the groceries to get some supplies for our pantry. I was thinking of cooking Carbonara for dinner or some other pasta recipe. The people at home are tired of my spaghetti meat sauce as they prefer the sweet ketchuppy style and my mom is not a big fan of me putting Italian herbs on my sauce, and so I tried to linger in the pasta sauce aisle and lo and behold I found this – Clara Ole’s Kung Pao Pasta Sauce!

image credits: claraole.com

Now I remember that my husband is not a big fan of spicy food but he makes an exception for Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan pasta. And so seeing that this pack is only P29, Read more…

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 I met with a friend earlier at SM Makati, and I chanced upon this product called Sodastream. It got me curious since I’ve never seen anything like it before and of course checking out the name of the product, all the more that I got curious. My husband is a softdrink person. He hardly drinks water, and yes it is bad.

Read more…

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Philips HR2027 Blender

image credits: mobile-phone-tips.blogspot.com

Early this year, I decided to replace our old blender that got busted after our household help tried to use it to grind ice! After much thinking and consideration, I ended up getting the Philips HR2027. I find it rather expensive, but the main selling point for me is the filter. But before I get carried away, let me give you the reasons in bullet points why I think this is a good buy. Read more…

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Getting Rid of the Unwanted Pounds

Christmas is nearing, and so is the much awaited Noche Buena here in the Philippines.

Noche Buena is the Christmas dinner done here in the Philippines.  For my family, this is also the biggest feast of the year.  Everything that we love in on the table.  We have hams, chicken, pork, beef, fish, 3 kinds of desserts, and different kinds of Filipino sweets you can think of.  That only means one thing, most of us will be ten pounds heavier after the season is over.

So how do we shed off these excess pounds as easily as we got them.  Well you can try exercising everyday for one month.  Good luck with that.  You can also try fat burning supplements like Lipofuze which promises to help you burn fat faster.  For me, I think I will just watch what I eat.  It would be better to control the urge rather than pay for it later on.

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Window Shopping

I work right in the center of Cubao, and my office is situated between two malls and one huge grocery store that also markets furniture and different appliances. And so yes, window shopping is absolutely inevitable. One thing that I haven’t had the chance to cross out my wish list is a gas range. I wanted to learn how to bake and so I’ve been trying to check out different brands of gas range. La Germania and Elba are the most expensive and also most functional and durable brands out in the market. And between the two I’m gravitating towards getting an Elba gas range. Although, the specific model that I want comes with a very pricey tag price. It’s so posh, it looks like the kind that you’d see along rich people’s kitchen, with equally posh granite counter tops and smooth and functional kitchen sinks. Oh well, may be next year…. Until then, I’ll have to contend myself with window shopping.

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