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My husband and I have been a couple for more than a decade now and within that twelve years, he has promised me numerous times that he will quit smoking, only to fail miserably every time. But now that he finally got to try electric cigarettes, he finally had the chance to say goodbye to tar and nicotine.

my husband’s new best friend

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Just want to document it, yeah my husband made me a promise with my birthday as the start date. He promised to finally quit smoking, yeah for the nth time. I’m praying this time he will finally be able to carry it out. He said that lately he’s been cutting back on the number of cigarettes he smokes daily. Made me actually think about smokeless cigarettes. Right now, I’m reading reviews of the product, as well as the pros and cons. It might be a good thing to use while gradually quitting. Anyway, I’m praying that hubby will be nicotine free for life starting on my birthday. :)

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