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Ganzklar LED TV Review

Last November, I told you we finally decided to get a new TV set. The transaction at Robinson’s Galleria Appliance store went smoothly, and we’re actually happy with their staff who assisted us. A few days later, we even got a call from them to ask if we are hapy with the item and if everything is okay. Well, anyway, going back to the TV, well, we’re mostly happy with  this purchase. The picture quality is great, we just have to wait for Sky Cable to upgrade the signal (which I think will take time considering that our area is still serviced with analog signals and we have yet to get a digibox….hmmm, thinking of switching to Cignal), although for our downloaded videos, we don’t have any complains. Just have to also purchase a blu-ray player (hope they become more affordable in time).

The only downside we could think of, is the audio. Hubby already reconfigured the settings but its still low and when you turn up the volume, the sound quality becomes “basag”. So what we did, is just to work around it and bought home speakers instead. ;) Well, we got the TV for a song, so we’re not complaining. Just hoping the manufacturers could take that into account next time.

Updating this post as of Dec 25, 2011.

I wanted to update this post 6 months ago. We do not have any complains about the TV, the only down side is the remote control. The signs especially for playing a movie were all erased. It started fading as soon as 3 months from purchase. Now, you kinda have to press all the buttons to find out where is rewind, forward, pause and pretty much all the controls. Other than that all’s fine.

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Ganzklar LED TV

If you guessed that we finally bought a TV, you’re absolutely right. The husband was giving me the puppy eyes while looking at our old tv set, when his ps3 games are not playing in colored. So about 2 weeks ago, prior to going to church we decided to look around and check out the deals of electronic stores. Lo and behold! We found one that is absolutely a good deal. Since we’ll be using it inside our bedroom, we decided to go for something not more than 30inches. We bought a Ganzklar 24inches LED TV, the husband is absolutely ecstatic! Since the price is really good for a LED TV, no freebies were offered despite that we were paying for it cash. But it was a sweet deal really, it comes with 2 usb drives and is capable of full HD, something I cannot describe. I’ll ask the husband to blog about it in detail though. Everything is good, the only thing we don’t like is the sounds, good thing we can always opt to get an Altec Lansing pair of speakers to go with it. Oh and if you have reservations about the brand, like we were initially, well don’t worry because it’s made in Germany. :)

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